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i jsut noticed how freaking empty my DA was anYWAYS HERES SYLVIA THE LOVE OF MY LIFE

Sylvia- :iconailythe:
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hello DA wouldnt let me put the little symbols in the title so 
I <3 BJ
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MNK: Sonoda Ren


“Y-you’re as sweet as a dog operating a road roller!”


   Name: Sonoda Ren
   Age: 15
   Birthday: August 10th
   Year: First
   Student Type: Normal
   Gender: Male
   Height: 5’7”
   Club: Disciplinary Committee


Ren is a very timid boy who always finds himself accidentally getting into embarrassing situations because of his air-headed nature. He's very gentle and outwardly kind to everyone he meets, he may be too gentle, however, because he always finds himself mumbling or whispering whenever he's trying to speak. Ren is very pragmatic when it comes to making sure people don't get hurt by doing anything too drastic, and would be considered the ‘voice of reason’ for many people due to his pessimistic tendencies and always being the one to assume the absolute worst. Despite his quiet and shy personality, he tries his best to be the most courteous and gentlemanly person he can be, even if it embarrasses him in the process. He finds himself being very skittish when it comes to most situations, and on top of being a somewhat cowardly boy, Ren can't help but rely on his friends and upperclassmen for most of his problems. Because he relies too much on people, he's extremely gullible, and will believe almost anything if it comes from someone he respects. However, if he realizes that he's being tricked in any way, shape or form, he is known to be very resentful and unforgiving, and can hold the nastiest of grudges.


Ren grew up being the youngest of five, and the most spoiled and sheltered child to boot. Being the only son of two wealthy business owners, his sisters coddled and pampered him like there was no tomorrow. Whenever he was sad, his siblings would buy him whatever he wanted (with their parents money, of course), and whenever he felt lonely, they would stick to him like white on rice until he asked them to stop. They were like his own personal guard dogs, and god help whoever tried to wrong their little brother. He never had to speak out or make any confrontations because his sisters always handled it. Ren became very shy under this constant protection but he never became spoiled or cocky. Instead he mimicked his sisters’ actions when it came to interacting with other people. Because of his siblings obsessiveness over his safety, Ren developed a need to keep the people close to him safe as well, just like his sisters did for him. He was kind to everyone, just like his sisters were kind to him, and he always made selfless acts, just like his sisters. One thing bad he picked up from his sisters, however, was their outwardly attitude towards other people, namely, Ren’s peers. Whenever he was teased or bullied for being too quiet or awkward his sisters would always step in to verbally assault the offender with harsh words, or even their fists. Because of this, the mindset to be unforgiving towards bullies and the like has been hammered into his head by his loving siblings.

Time passed and Ren got older, and his sisters backed off a bit, seeing as he could take care of himself (to an extent). They still act as his guard dogs, but at a much tamer level. Ren needed a chance to gain confidence in himself and become someone he can be proud of, even if it meant that he had to reluctantly leave the clutches of his doting sisters.



✔ Sour things

✔ Canary-chan


✔Obscure Analogies

✔Reliable People

✔Shoujo Manga (SECRET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

✔ Being Pampered

X Pushy/Clingy People

X Carbonated Drinks

X Immodesty

X Getting stared at

X Children (they're mean and EVIL)

X Big Dogs




-Has a “pet”dictionary named Canary-chan. He uses it to look up dubious words so he won't use them in his analogies by mistake

-Canary-chan’s name is a mashup of the president of the Disciplinary Committee's name, Kaname, and “Dictionary”

-He passes out easily when it comes to being embarrassed

-Self conscious about the mole by his mouth

- Zodiac sign is Leo

-Has a slight RBF, but instead of looking bitter he just looks STRESSED

-Likes to draw his friends, he has no artistic ability though

-His analogies make absolutely zero sense, and somehow they have a greater impact than the ones that do make sense

- Two of his sisters Maki(16) and Tamako(18) go to an all girls school. The other two, Sora(20) and Eiko(21) are in college.

- Owns a megaphone 

   Timezone: EST
   RP Style: LIT OR HC idc dude

MNK: Tanaka Haruna


"Hey, Hey~! You're pretty cute, huh~?"


   Name: Tanaka, Haruna
   Age: 18
   Birthday: October 14th
   Year: 3rd
   Student Type: TRUST Athlete
   Gender: Female
   Height: 5’11” and ready to DUNK ON PEOPLE
   Club: Basketball Club [Captain]



   Kind to all, Haru comes off as a very
charismatic person, though that might be an understatement. Being a social butterfly since she was a child, she had a knack for chatting people up, sometimes to the point of annoyance. Haru has a very flirtatious way of talking, and won't hesitate to hit on whoever catches her fancy, and in addition to her slightly vain personality, she's a catastrophe when she sees something cute. Seeing people's flustered faces and their various reactions to her words is a source of entertainment for her, some may even call her ruthless for it. However, despite her mischievous habits and lifestyles, Haru isn't the type of person to go too far with teasing, and is known to be quite perceptive and caring. Once she sees discomfort, or if her advances are rejected, she'll back off and apologize, she just wants a little fun, not the misfortune of someone else.

Haru is very honest with her feelings, and every emotion she expresses is
genuine, which is somewhat of a burden on many people, considering she is very overbearing, and frets over every little thing that happens to any of her friends. This constant cycle of energy Haru has is endless, and she can come off as very enigmatic, seeing as how many people can't predict her next move, so it's wise to always keep at least one eye on her or she might stand up on a table or something. 

Haruna grew up in a household with a single Mother, and as the oldest child, she contributed in raising her two twin siblings, Fuyuki and Natsuhiko. Trying her best was almost second nature to Haru. She had to try her best at school, at work, at sports. She needed to be the best at whatever she did, so she wouldn't be a burden for her family. They weren't in trouble with finances or anything of the sort, but she still wasn't satisfied. With her dauntless strive (and her convenient genes), it wasn't hard for her to climb to the top in her athletics and academics-- She needed to help provide for her family after all, and a scholarship was her best bet. Countless times her mother would come home and not even talk to her, before going straight to sleep after a long days work, and it pained the girl to see her mother in such a state, so she had to help however she could, even if that mean exhausting herself at times.

As she grew up, Haru never had many friends. She was always badgered about her looks and how she was never going to get a husband if she kept acting and looking like a boy. Were children and adults both so simple minded that they would refuse to accept someone who may act or look different from them? What would they gain from that? A moment of satisfaction, or perhaps later a guilty conscience? Why would you bully someone? Even more so if the victim didn't even care? Haru had a level of apathy that transcended natural bounds, and throughout her school years, she was known as No-Shame-Haru, mostly due to the fact that she never got embarrassed with whatever she did, could take venomous insults and criticism with a pleasant smile, and would be on her merry way in the next instant.

Over time, the bullying stopped, and Haru's peers just left her to her own devices. If she wasn't going to react, what was the point?

As she progressed through middle school and got older, Haru excelled in athletics, and her grades weren't something to sneeze at either. With pressure from her mother, who had always dreamed of having her children go to an elite school, Haru had no choice but to take the entrance exam to Eisei. As expected, she passed with ease. Her mother was absolutely ecstatic. She would get recognition for her sport and free education if she kept her grades up! But of course, as long as it pleased her mother, it didn't matter what Haru had to go through. Just play basketball and keep her grades up? This was a piece of cake for a workaholic like her!

Plus, the basketball team was like a second home to Haru, so she'll be sure to hold these dear memories close to her as she plans her future, wherever it takes her.



    ♡ Cute things 

    ♡ Organization

    ♡ Snakes

    ♡ Hard working girls people
    ♡ Crowds
    ♡ Spicy food

    X Messes

    X Stiff People

    X Being ignored

    X Cats

X Tapioca

    X BUGS




Her reputation in school, along with "No Shame Haru", was also "Dreamboat of the Basketball Team"

A workaholic and perfectionist, she can't rest unless shes doing something, and it has to be done right.

Never goes out in public in a dress or skirt

Fuyuki is a girl and Natsuhiko is a boy, they're both 14 years old

Haru's mother is named Akiko, and along with her three children, they all have the names of the seasons

Gets mistaken for a boy often, doesn’t mind though

Has a habit of flirting with every cute person she sees

Can’t help but mess with her underclassmen-- They’re just too cute!

Laughs VERY loud

Position is Point Guard

She doesn’t like ankles so she BREAKS EM’

Has a pet ball python named Suzie, and she absolutely ADORES her.

Sign: Libra

Enjoys cleaning, and won’t hesitate to clean even the biggest of messes.

   Timezone: EST 
   RP Style: LIT or HC's, tbh anything just HMU ; )



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